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Mental health awareness

You should know M, your a true nut job... . .


Pumpkin Show

Get ready for the meltdowns cause pumpkin fairs been cancelled.😂😂😂 Those that just live for the pumpkin show will freak out. 😂

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She's in jail every other week. Why do they not help her and send her to Marysville? Are they that desperate that they use her for info?

Nevermind Replies: 6 (Last reply )

What Happened

Back in the day town used to be nice now even north end looks like a crap hole. Town is full of druggies and instead of sending them off to prison ...

Blue Lives Replies: 1 (Last reply )

Blue lives Matter

Sick of hearing black lives matter. WE ALL MATTER.. There's protests going on is ridiculous. Where in the world is it ok to protest and destroy ...

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Accidents on 23

If they would put patrol out there between DuPont rd. & North court street exits they may just cut down on all the bad wrecks and fatals. It's like a ...

Roundtown Girl Replies: 2 (Last reply )

Circleville Entertainment

What ever happened to the decent bars in Circleville. The old "Marys" bar used to be the place to be on Friday nights. Now it's turned into a drug ...

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Circleville Amvets and the POS that is the bar manager who is stealing from the club.

Must be nice to be her husband and get a new $30K Harley because his wife steals from the club and the "veterans" they support. Believe me that club ...

Chaz Replies: 2 (Last reply )

Pumpkin Show

Everyone going to the punkin fair? Where all the losers go and they actually think it's great. The lower the income the more they stay from morning to ...


Beverly Hillbillies

Head to Myrtle Beach. What a bunch. Then head back to town and get welfare etc Free ride should be coming to an end.

AmyJo Replies: 2 (Last reply )

Little Bear sells winning ticket

Hope it was someone decent and not a worthless druggie. There will go all their welfare benefits and freebies. Not many go to that little store that ...


Alternative to Circleville Topix forums

We are really sorry, that Circleville topix forums have been closed down. But we believe that discussion forums are not dead, so we offer everyone this ...

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